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HR Technology Changes that will impact on your next HR Solution

It’s not easy being a HR professional (Implementing HR Technology – The Team & Change Management Process), regardless if you’re an internal consultant or an external one (Improving Performance from the Inside), or whether you are a specialist (Thinking Strategically at Every Step) or a HR generalist. The role has been evolving to be less of a paper pusher to a more value-add, strategic business partner (HR and L&D Professionals: Checklist for Business Success). We try our best but there are still some HR practitioners that are not helping our cause and giving us a bad name (Bad, bad boss!).

We know we need to speak the business language and learn from our Finance colleagues by putting metrics to people and get smarter with talent analytics and workforce planning. The one key way to do so is to invest in technology (Just add Tech – Include Technology into your Learning Strategy) whilst at the same time ensure that our HR Strategy is aligned to the organisation’s business goals (Alignment).

While conducting an internal analysis is crucial in terms of understanding what is required for the organisation’s current and future goals as well as what is suitable, you will also need to understand how technology is changing and ultimately look out for solutions that drive high levels of value for your organisation.

Some of these technological changes that will impact on your HR technology solution which you should consider are:

  • Mobile applications – With the sophistication of mobile phones and our addiction to using them for various reasons including accessing the Internet, your next HR technology solution should also be designed for mobile use (Are you ready for Mobile Learning?).
  • Cloud-based system – Increasing mobility and accessibility also calls for your HR system to be available in the cloud in which it is available to your employees on demand via the Internet.
  • Ease of use (design) and user experience – The mobile application for your HR system not only needs to look good (in the small screen), it also needs to be easy to use with less taps and swipes. Instead of having user manuals and training to get started, your HR system should also be easy enough for any person to pick up and start using it with less clicks too.
  • More social – If this fits your culture, your HR solution should be more social and fun and that gamification should also be embedded to track usage, points and activities. This will make the system more engaging and will encourage social learning and crowdsourcing (working together online). It should also be quick and easy to provide instant feedback, recognition and acknowledgement of good performance. The HR processes should be so integrated that employees get to use the HR system every day and it becomes part of their daily routine.
  • Analytics driven – In addition to basic operational and trends reporting, it should have smart analytics capabilities like recommend learning (e.g. similar to Amazon recommendation system in which it suggests other products based on recent purchases) and predict retention.
  • Available in real-time – Related to some of the above, your HR solution should be able to report and manage real-time data, real-time feedback and continuous social feeds to provide value to people.

Overall, you will be at an advantage as it will be a buyer’s market since there are more choices in the HR Technology market as vendors get more competitive and innovative in their offerings.