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Closing your mouth does not mean it is good for you … physically

We learn something new everyday. Today I had a little insight from my Osteo to be more aware and avoid having my teeth touching each other whenever I have my mouth closed – of which is a sign of stress similar to grinding your teeth. This small little gesture over time, together with sitting at the computer for hours had caused quite a lot of stress on my neck, shoulders & back.

Lesson learnt = take regular breaks & stretch (e.g. download a software like Workrave to remind you) & be aware that you do not need to have your teeth touching each other whenever you close your mouth (this goes to when you are sitting at your desk to even going for a run!)

Becoming and belonging

Where do you belong?

Confucius Analects (Book 1: Hsio R; Chapter 8) – Principles of self-cultivation:
i) Let him learn and he will not fall error;
ii) Hold faithfulness and sincerity as 1st principles;
iii) Have no friends not equal to yourself;
iv) When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.

Aristotle saw clearly that nobody can or does live entirely by himself or herself, nor does anybody live only within the confines of a family or a group of more immediate friends.

We are social beings and through interaction, education and experience we grow. Whether we choose to improve and develop ourselves on a conscious or unconscious level; whether it is a proactive or reactive decision, we progress … ideally, in a more positively manner.

So have you thought and reflected on:
• How you have changed over the years?
• If you have given up any bad habits?
• If you have stopped a vicious cycle?
• What else in life you want to do?
• Have you learnt any new skills recently and applied it in your life?
• Have you tried any new sports?
• What excites you?
(Need help in this area? This book, Your Life – What’s In It For You? will be able to assist you)

One of my philosophy in life and personal growth is to try at least three new things each year, be it food, country (or parts of), sports or skills. And if I still do not like or enjoy it after the third try – ‘strike three, you’re out.’ This way, I really know that I gave it a go and I really know what I like and what I don’t. Fair, isn’t it?

In its core, the above are what drives me to start Hi-Life Hub. I believe that there are people like me who are going through these thoughts and have similar views and want to make the conscious effort of living a more purposeful and meaningful life. So why not start a journey together?

All in all, I’ll appreciate it if you can drop me a note at info@hilifehub.com on your views of:
• What are you looking for in a social club?
• What are the must-haves?
• What are some of the self-development activities that you want to sink your teeth into?
• Any other feedback / views on the above that you might want to share.

Thank you heaps!