Entertainment Book™ Memberships Sale

What is Entertainment Book™ Memberships?
Entertainment™ Memberships contain thousands of valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more!

Entertainment™ Memberships are a unique marketing tool used by over 10,000 restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand to help introduce word-of-mouth advertising. Memberships feature a limited number of selected restaurants in each major city. Restaurants do not pay to be included — they are chosen based on awards, reviews and personal recommendations.

Memberships are sold as either a Book with a Gold Card or Vouchers for redemption, or as a Digital Membership with redemption directly through the Member’s phone.

Raising funds by selling Entertainment™ Memberships
We are selling Entertainment Memberships as part of our fundraising effort. $13 of each book sold goes into our fundraising. Besides Melbourne, you can also purchase Entertainment™ Memberships for the different states & for New Zealand too.

For Entertainment Books, you can have them delivered to you by post (you need to pay for postage) or you can pick it up from me.

Click onto this link to purchase your Entertainment™ Memberships