Eat for Charity

@011 Eat signEat for Charity was the most regular activity that we have since 2012. The concept for Eat for Charity is basically to have dinners each month to be held at different restaurants selected from Entertainment Book. Each dinner guest pays for own meals and drinks (pre-Entertainment Book discount). The total discount amount received will go straight to the selected charity for the year. We do this by dividing the total discount amount by the total number of Eaters for the night. This amount is then paid under each Eater’s name via our selected charity’s donation page. This way, each attendee will receive a Donation Receipt from the respective charity for tax purposes since donations over $2 are tax deductible.

It worked well as:
1. Eaters get to meet new people
2. Eaters get to try new restaurants … you’ll need to eat anyway
3. While eating and drinking, Eaters are also contributing to charity. How good is that?
4. If Eaters purchase an Entertainment Book from us, they’ll get other discounts like accommodation, groceries, movies, wine, etc too! + $13 of the Entertainment Book you paid for goes straight to our fundraising!

So in other words, the more you eat, the more you are contributing!

Here’s a summary of how much we raised each year at these Eats:

  • 2014 = $1,419.50
  • 2015 = $1,112.35
  • 2016 = $1,056.30


As Hi-Life Raisers is a volunteer-based and not-for-profit group, we have decided that Dec 2016 will be our Last Eat for Charity. We still do encourage you to buy our Entertainment Books as we will still be fundraising for a different charity each year on our own without as much organising and logistics requirements. We will also appreciate it if you could just every once a month or two, donate the Entertainment Book discount you’ve received to our charity for the year. That’ll just be your way of contributing.
Thank you so very much!