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To sign up as an Independent Kyäni Distributor, please download the Team Fusion app to your phone.

Kyäni’s Team Fusion is revolutionizing network marketing with its unique smart phone app and Kyäni’s social platform network marketing has never been easier.  The Done For You Model makes it so much easier for you. Leverage the 3 strongest marketing channels: Online, Retail & Network Marketing.

Kyäni’s Team Fusion Mobile enables you to build your Kyäni business by providing on-the-go tools, such as a mobile enrollment form, mobile shopping, access to your Kyäni Back Office and Kyäni Social suite of tools.

“Experience More” as you use the Team Fusion mobile app to boost your business to the next level like never before.

Download the Team Fusion app and Experience More!

  1. Download the app called Team Fusion. Click on the iTunes App Store or Google Play icon below to get directed to the download page.
  2. Click Guest and enter the unlock code: hilifehealth
  3. Click Watch The Webinar and it will explain everything


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