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Extras on Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is the key outcome to any HR and L&D inventions. HR & L&D professionals can also see themselves as Performance Improvement Consultants. There are a lot of challenges and opportunities for internal performance consultants. As long as you follow a structured process and keep some tips at the top of your mind, you will hold the key to success. Not only will you increase your own credibility, you will add value to your role in the organisation. Read more on this process and top tips for performance consultants here:

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Strategic L&D is a vital aspect in business planning and survival. This means moving from a series of fragmented activities to a situation where training and development is systematically linked to the organisation’s strategic plan and overall tactical objectives. This article highlights such opportunities for L&D Practitioners.

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More ideas on how L&D Practitioners can be more strategic throughout all its L&D activities from requests for training, design of training programs to the delivery and evaluation of training. And all these begins with being results-oriented from the start. With a results-oriented mindset (begin with the end in mind), we can approach our work differently and play a more strategic role in our organisation.

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