HR and L&D

melbourne-business-consultantMany businesses need direction and advice in HR and L&D (Human Resource and Learning & Development) as they are not large enough to hire their own HR Manager, let alone a Training or L&D Manager. This area is very much neglected and is usually  a burden to the owner or a “senior” staff member who are not trained in Human Resources or in a worst case scenario, there is no one is responsible for it.

With these in mind, Hi-Life Hub aims to help businesses deal with these key human resources activities by designing and implementing processes, customising tools and techniques that will be easily maintained by the business.

Our HR and L&D consultancy and services include:

  • Developing HR policies & procedures
  • Setting up HR processes & tools
  • Developing Staff Handbook
  • Assistance with Job Descriptions
  • Selection & Recruitment
  • Orientation & Induction
  • Retention & talent Management
  • Termination
  • Career Development
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Key Employee Identification
  • Performance Management & Development
  • Formal & informal developmental activities
  • Rewards & punishment
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching & Mentoring

We are focused on the ‘big picture’ solutions in which these are aligned to your business’ long term strategies and to achieve your present & future business goals. Contact us on how we can work closely with you.