Meet the Team

The Hi-Life Hub Team consists of:

Elaine started out with a degree in Marketing and Management and had her initial experience as a Marketing Research Assistant and a Corporate Relations Executive before she pursued her personal goal of a Masters degree. Starting her course out in International Marketing and Management, she later came upon a new course that was just introduced at Curtin University. Elaine decided to change her course to a Master of Commerce, specializing in Human Resource Development instead – since she has always been interested in reading and learning about self-development topics, she thought she might as well have a career helping others develop too.

She has worked as both an internal and external consultant in the Human Resource and Training departments in the government, manufacturing, engineering, construction and pharmaceutical industries in Asia and Australia. Some of her accomplishments include the analytical and implementation of HR development and change efforts in the organizations; competency profiling; designing career development plans; setting evaluation systems for training programs; designing, developing and conducting in-house programs and assessing training needs as well as learning management systems (LMS). Elaine ensures all projects remain on track, goals are met and most importantly, clients are happy. She also teaches undergraduate and diploma business programs in her spare time. Her other published works includes “Improving Performance from the Inside” and “Link L&D to Strategic Planning”.

One of her philosophy in life and personal growth is to try at least three new things each year, be it food, country (or parts of), sports or skills. And if she still does not like or enjoy it after the third try – ‘strike three, you’re out.’ A believer in ‘lead by example’ and ‘walk the talk’, she applies what she learns and is inspired by the teachings of Confucius and the books she read. For instance, due to major changes in her life when she was 20, Elaine realized that if she continued what she was doing and behaved, and had died then, she might not have anyone she loves by her deathbed. That was the beginning of her devotion to self-improvement and career in the human performance improvement field.

Michael achieved a Bachelors degree in Business Studies majoring in Marketing combined with a year’s work experience in an IT Hardware / Software environment. He started his experience as a Marketing Communications Executive in the Utilities Sector working with above and below the line marketing techniques.
He further developed his Internet, digital marketing and technology skill sets with additional consulting and corporate marketing assignments that also incorporated the implementation , roll out and use of technology and CRM. This enabled Michael to become Oracle Certified as part of an Oracle Siebel implementation. To date, he has managed to develop his skill set working with a range of ERP CRM Systems as well as combining this with a love of On-Line Digital Marketing and Media.
Having now moved to a consulting role, this has enabled him to work closely with a range of clients to understand and document their business requirements. In turn, enabling him to assist them in successfully implementing new systems. Away from the office, he shares a love of snowboarding together with the great outdoors! Most recently becoming a qualified diver and has already dived in some of the most glorious locations in Asia.