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The #Salesforce #SaaS Economy

As an keen enthusiast and evangelist of Software as a Service (SaaS) based digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies, please feel free to read my published articles regarding SaaS and Salesforce CRM:

As a SaaS CRM platform, Salesforce are one of the few vendors who are currently conquering the CRM market. Just by looking at the image header for this article, the facts speak for themselves!

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Why You Need a #VPN & Benefits

What is a #VPN?

Quite simply, a #VPN or Virtual Private Network, is a selection of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network—namely, the internet.

For example, some businesses may use VPNs when connecting to remote datacenters. Individual users also use VPNs to gain access to network resources when they’re not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their communications when they’re using an untrusted public network.

When a business or individual connects to a #VPN, they usually launch a #VPN client on their computer, sign in with their credentials i.e password and username, and voila, their computer exchanges trusted keys with a far away server in another part of the world!. Once both computers have verified each other as being authentic, all internet communications are encrypted and secured from eavesdropping.

A #VPN is a way to strengthen your access and security on an internet network that you’re not physically connected to. How you choose to use a #VPN is up to you the users. Example #VPN users fall into a few categories:

  • The student/worker – uses a #VPN provided to them by their school or business when accessing informaton on their network when they’re at home or traveling. Also, if they’re concerned about hacking and security, they can always sign in to their #VPN when using either airport or cafe FREE WI-Fi to ensure that no one’s easedropping on their connection.
  • The downloader – this business or individual doesn’t want on some businesses witch-hunt list simply because they have a torrenting app installed on their computer. Quite simply, VPNs are clearly the only way to remain safe when using a torrent client like BitTorrent. It’s better safe than trying to defend yourself in court or paying a massive fine for something you may or may not have even done.
  • Privacy focused and security advocate – this individual uses a #VPN service to keep communications secure also encrypted and away from all spying eyes if they’re either at home or overseas. They may feel extremely paranoid and security conscious from an IT perspective and  to them, unsecure connections mean someone may be reading what they say.
  • Globetrotters! –  These individuals for example would like to watch live sports and events on TV no matter were they are in the world! Without dealing with their fragile and unrelaible local networks. They like to see their favorite TV shows as they screen as opposed to waiting for translations or re-broadcasts (or watch the versions aired in other countries,) listen to location-restricted streaming internet radio, or want to use a new web service or application that looks great but for some reason is limited to a specific country or region.
  • Some combination of the above – The ideal is, if you’re not one of these above, you’re quite likely to be a combination of them depending on what you want to achieve online.

In all of the above cases, a #VPN service can be extremely helpful and useful especially when it comes to WiFi security etc. Additionally, if it’s an issue to protect yourself when you’re out, whether you as an online user deal with sensitive confidential data for your occupation etc.

Even if none of the above sound right to you, you will always benefit from using a#VPN. You should definitely use one when you travel or work on an untrusted network

What Makes for a Good #VPN?

The best VPNs offer a solid balance of features, Account Security, Virtual Firewall, Country IP Address Anywhere, VPN Account Encryption and Unblocking Websites etc.. Here’s what you should look for.

VPN Account Security

All #VPN users can use more and more security, #VPN accounts with give you all that. When creating private virtual tunnels between your computer and theirs,  you can surf the internet from there, your #VPN account with is consistently giving you a layer of security you never have before!

Use Accounts as a Virtual Firewall on your PC, Mac or Mobile Device

Ask yourselves, “how can a #VPN prevent a hacker attacking your computer?” Online attacks are often targeted directly to your existing and known IP address. With a #VPN account your home computer IP address cannot be seen or identified. #VPN servers are backed by some of the best known and industry expert hardware and engineers who consistently monitor activity to make sure the #VPN server is protected at all times.

Have your Country IP Address Anywhere

Use your #VPN service to protect yourself while using online banking and financial sites …

If you like to travel abroad, you’ll already know the issues that can be found when attempting to order anything online! There are many scripts on the market that will analyze where the order is being placed from. For example, If you’re an Expat (Expatriate) living in China, and you want to order something from a Ecommerce site, quite possibly, it will be blocked and marked as a suspicious transaction! Following this, the inconvenience of using global roaming rates on your mobile to call your credit card company again and again to let them know it’s you the account holder and not fraudulent users online!

This can also happen when you try to do online banking from overseas. You will need the IP of your home country to safely transact on the Internet while you are abroad. If Ecommerce and Banking companies see you conducting your banking from a foreign country, there is a good chance your account will be marked for fraud. Use a #VPN account to prevent these unfortunate occurrences.

Use a #VPN account to encrypt your traffic while using Public WIFI

FREE WIFI Hot Spots are everywhere now! Wherever you go in the world! This is very convenient but can also be extremely dangerous. Beware…FREE WIFI Hot Spot hackers are on the lose and increasing. It’s too easy now for criminals to do intercept your network. Using a #VPN service will help prevent FREE WIFI Hot Spot hackers infiltrating your devices and viewing your private login details, all passwords and private inforamtion data.

Using a VPN account encrypts all your traffic and will prevent this problem.

Skype Users Looking for better rate

We all agree, Skype is absolutley fantastic! If you don’t use Skype, download it and try it now! ( You can use Skype to communicate online for FREE, NO Mobile Roaming or Phone Card Costs! Here’s a little secret fact about Skype, they base your per minute charges on what IP address you are using / connected to. For example, if you have a American IP Address and you call a American phone number, you are making an American domestic call! Great when your holidaying in the USA! The #VPN service can pay for itself if you are doing enough overseas calls to friends and family abroad or calling home from abroad etc.

International Users Blocked by Government Control

For example, American people living and accessing the web overseas are quite often frustrated by the controls of the governments where they live. Another country is Saudi Arabia with strict control on what web sites you can access, and even if you can use a VOIP service provider. Also China etc.

Having a #VPN account will allow you to bypass the controls, Its important that we all believe in freedom of speech for all.

Use VPN Accounts to Protect your Identity and Surf Anonymously #VPN accounts enable you to access the web without anyone knowing your true IP Address. IP’s are tracked and traced in a number of ways i.e. order forms, websites, and also for malicious purposes.

When you have a #VPN account, your IP Address will look like this to the world:  Santa Monica  California   (IP number noted here is just an example)

Prioritize Your Priorities .. Skill & #CRM Technologies

Priorities: we all have these and it’s sometimes difficult to decide which should be dealt with first. For years, the world famous think tanks and theorists have used guidelines to measure daily activities to determine overall priorities.

Continued Professional Development, On-Going Knowledge IP transfer and leanings, no matter what our age is a great way to keep our minds healthy and active.

Finding and identifying new ways of working to become more productive is a great way to develop your skills especially when combined with tools such as CRM technology.

A key principle to use when priortising is the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule. This clearly states 20 percent of your activities do account for 80 percent of your results.For example, if you have 10 action items, only 2 of those actions will be worth 5 or 10 times more than the other 8 activities put together!

There’s never enough time to do everything, but there’s always enough time to do the most important thing.”

As a keen enthusiast of #CRM cloud based technology, I strongly advise that you undertake your management of identifying all and executing priorities by utilising Activites and Tasks within your #CRM systems that enable you to monitor the progress, status and outcomes of all required actions to build both good internal and external stakeholder relationships.

This is a key part of the end user education process and  user adoption process for any implemented #CRM cloud based technology.

#CRM cloud based technology such as Salesforce and INFOR allow users to integrate all email communications, tasks and activities with a click of a button by way of an API that can be installed and configured by the end user themselves.

Creating a Task in #Salesforce #CRM


Another way to is to use tools such as Google Tasks (Gtasks), all you need is a Google Gmail account and simply use the Gtask App to allow you view you calendar of events and tasks you have detailed in one simple interface.

Effective Calendaring and using Google Calendar and tasks

The following guidelines will help you Prioritize Your Priorities…

  1. Create a list / statement, write down your main goal(s). Always use this as your overall focus in assisting you to create your list of priorities that will help you achieve your goal.
  2. Create your “Very Important” task list; can be done in a number of ways: (written and then electronically) a: Make your to-do list for your day i.e. all actions Include that must be done that day, together with additional items that can be completed over a period of time. And/or b: Create a list for all actions you need to complete in order to be successful. Examples could include follow-up stakeholder management business activities of all types, research and engaging with colleagues etc.
  3. Rank your action items in order of proffered priority based on the initial objective goal you set in step 1. Occasionally, some actions are similar and these can be grouped to assist in helping you If various items are similar, you can categorize them to help Prioritize Your Priorities.
  4. Now the best part! Pareto’s rule … Simply highlight the top 20 percent of your priorities and make a memorable list of 5 things that allows you to allocate the majority of your time to those things.
  5. Finally, print your memorable list based on you achieving your top 20% and ensure it’s displayed where you can regularly reference this. Remember, technique and repetition is very important…

After undertaking the above guidelines, confidently ensure you utilize the technique daily, during weekends and also when you find yourself too busy!…

The secret being … that all your activities in the top 20% with your memorable list must be completed every day. Also be feasible, realistic, achievable and simple enough to be completed in 24hrs.

Thoughts On Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Some great examples of enterprise software vendors using the Cloud Based Software as a Service (SaaS) capability are Salesforce, INFOR, Oracle and Netsuite for CRM together with INFOR’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Epiphany solutions.

So, for those of you who are not too familiar with the terms Cloud Computing Based Software as a Service (SaaS), here’s a little guide explaining the benefits of such a model.

As explained in earlier articles, in simple terms, cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources, everything from applications to data centres over the Internet on a subscription pay-for-use basis. Cloud based applications or software as a service (SaaS) run on distant computers “in the cloud” that are owned and operated by others and that connect to users’ computers via the Internet and, usually, a web browser…..The cloud is definitely here to stay!

Software as a service (SaaS) is another method compared to a traditional standard software install within your business environment, the traditional method implying  you the user are required to build the server, install all applications and fully configure the setup.

If you have adopted a SaaS model already, planning to or finding out more information, than you may know that using this model, users don’t pay for any software. In simple terms, it works like a hire or rental. You the users accessing systems online have the permissions to use it for a period of time and pay for the software that you are using.

Cloud Computing & Software as as Service (SaaS) Advantages are as follows:

1. The SaaS model offers significant benefits to customers and providers. Because they don’t have to host the software – and it’s updated automatically – customers enjoy on-demand application access with lower upfront and ongoing costs. Different from the traditional model, in SaaS the software (application) is already installed and configured.

2. Implementation is faster and switching costs lower. By giving customers and providers the flexibility to scale usage rapidly, SaaS helps customers become more agile.

3. SaaS providers benefit from a model with shorter release cycles, giving them greater flexibility to respond to customer needs.

4. Competitive pricing, shorter sales cycles and lower barriers to sales make SaaS easier to sell than traditional on-premise software.

5. With all users on the same (current) software release, providers don’t have the expense of supporting legacy software versions. Costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model.

Ready to Implement a Cloud Based Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution?

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Holistic and Integrated Affiliate & Social Media Marketing. Automating your Processes

This article brings everything together and I hope you find all articles useful to help kick start your affiliate empire. Here are some tips to ensure all your affiliate marketing content posts reach numerous social media channels with a click of your keyboard. Enabling you to share content across multiple platforms saving time, money and enabling a wider targeted audience reach.

Download and Apply Social Media Sharing on all your Website pages

Visit and setup your FREE code to add to your website / blog. When going through the on-screen instructions, select the social networks you wish your content to be distributed amongst. The most popular being Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc. See following example:

Download Hootsuite as a Social Media Management Tool

Download Hootsuite as a social media management tool to help you plan and broadcast your affiliate content and make sure all your Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts are linked to your dashboard, easy to setup once it’s installed! I thoroughly recommend going for the Pro version which allows you to add RSS feeds and bulk schedule affiliate messages a month in advance plus add x50 social media account to broadcast to! An excellent way to plan, create, manage and execute affiliate content across all social media channels in an instant. Saves you logging into each individual Facebook and Twitter account!

You can also utilize Hootsuite via your mobile and tablet devices 24/7!

Link all related Twitter Accounts to Facebook Fanpages

Go to and make sure your relevant Twitter account is sync’d with your Facebook fanpage. By doing this you will allow all your Twitter followers to have access to your Facebook fanpage affiliate posts as all content uploaded to Facebook will automatically be fed through to your nominate Twitter account.

A great way to allow followers and potential buyers to comment, like, share and even re-tweet your affiliate content to 1,000’s of other like minded peole keen to take up your offer / proposition.

Google Alerts – Sign Up, its FREE

Google Alerts – Setting up Google alerts is a fantastic way to be informed of the latest news based on specific keywords you select e.g. your pet website may benefit from finding out about latest pet health and research allowing you to share this on a website blog followed by pet health food affiliate links!

You’ll need a Gmail email address to register for Google alerts and once you agree the frequency of the content i.e. once a day or 3+ times a day, you can immediately post these articles to your Facebook page and Twitter account in seconds! A great way to engage with your audience and provide informative up to date content that they can share with other pet lovers and spread your website content and its affiliate links. This is just one good source of information. Try to use your own and source others online!

Google Analytics – Sign Up, its FREE

A good way to track global analytics for your website is to utilise Google Analytics i.e. This is a is a FREE web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic on a global scale i.e. how many clicks per country and what devices used!

Facebook Fanpage Apps / Add Ins

Another great tip for all you affiliate marketers when posting content to your website(s) and social media networks! When developing your Facebook page, add extra tabs with links to specific products, webpages or actual affiliate links themselves. You can simply do this by searching for the ‘Woobox Custom Tab’ App in Facebook whilst in your Facebook page. Also accessible at: You’ll be able to add a number of new tabs and sort them accordingly in terms of your preferred display order.

Together with posting content from your website to your Facebook page, users can access the content they want directly from your Facebook page as opposed to going to the website. A great little way of driving affiliate traffic and generating revenue. For example, If you had a Facebook page relating to Forex online trading, you could multiple call to action tabs each relating to different areas of trading i.e. Currency, Metals, Gold, Oil etc.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you need any assistance and require my services to help consult, implement, test and launch your affiliate marketing than please contact myself to discuss services for hire further. I am professionally accredited in Hootsuite Online Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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